I Drove a Porsche Cayman S on a Race Track

While in Vegas recently I had the opportunity to visit Exotics Racing (exoticsracing.com) and plunk down some cash to drive a Porsche Cayman S around their private track. I couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear from the moment I got into the car until I got out after pulling back into the pit. Here are my thoughts on… » 5/15/14 4:18pm 5/15/14 4:18pm

Why do so Many People Say the FR-S/BRZ Needs More Power?

Almost as common as articles on the Toyabaru FR-SGT86BRZ, are people complaining about how the Toyobaru doesn't have enough power. In contrast to this we have the Fiat 500 Abarth and Fiesta ST: similarly spec'd cars that also receive positive critical response and often come up in conversations among enthusiasts, yet… » 3/09/14 3:07pm 3/09/14 3:07pm

Hell is Other Drivers: Why I'm Looking Forward to Autonomous Cars

I enjoy driving; whether it's hooning a curvy mountain road or a just taking a relaxing cruise, listening to music and enjoying the scenery. Driving can be enjoyed in many different ways by anyone who has a car, but there's one thing that consistently ruins a driving experience: other drivers. » 2/08/14 1:59pm 2/08/14 1:59pm

Post Your Designed/Redesigned Car Company Logos

Looking over the answers of the day article yesterday on the 10 worst car company logos, the BYD logo caught my eye. Sure, it was bad, but there was something good there in that logo, it was just saddled with a boring oval and some bad supporting typography. So here's my take on redesigning the BYD logo. » 2/01/14 1:51pm 2/01/14 1:51pm