I've never been to a Tesla dealership, so I don't know how there salesmen are, but I don't see having clear, no haggle pricing as eliminating the need for salesmen. If the salesmen were actually knowledgeable about the products they were selling then their role could be to make sure consumers actually make well… » 6/05/14 1:19pm 6/05/14 1:19pm

I was never taught any technique on how to parallel park, just learned how to do it through practice. I'll have to try this method and see if it works better for me. (Also, this gave me an excuse to post this picture of a particularly tight spot I pulled into) » 5/30/14 11:44am 5/30/14 11:44am

Haha, yeah I find myself in a similar situation. I have a car that I like and runs well, but then sometimes I just can't resist looking at CL and wondering what if... Every sensible part of me says it's more hassle than it's worth and I should really be saving my money anyway, so I ultimately end up not doing anything. » 5/28/14 3:59pm 5/28/14 3:59pm