I love that stretch of skyline between 92 and 84! One of the few roads around here you can actually drive without getting stuck behind someone slow. I like to wake up really early sometimes and drive up there to catch the sunrise at the vista point. Then go down to 84, take that to the coast then drive up the 1 back… » 9/06/14 10:51pm 9/06/14 10:51pm

I don't agree with this. Supercars are going to stand out, whether they're 60 years old or 60 days. Sure, if you buy a older supercar you might not impress people who are super rich or super image conscious, but most people (especially non-car people) will recognize that this car is something special and will be… » 8/28/14 12:38pm 8/28/14 12:38pm

I hate those people who can never admit that they made a mistake. I was sitting in my car in a parking lot, and a lady hit my car while trying to pull into the space next to me. I got out and confronted her about it and she flat out denied that she had even hit my car. Fortunately there was no damage, so I didn't… » 8/20/14 1:22pm 8/20/14 1:22pm

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