Was going to post about how using traffic as an excuse for auto was a cop out, but I see that's already been addressed in the other comments, lol. Though I will ask why are your parents so insistent on an auto, do they drive the car too? If anything they should want you to get a manual because it would keep you more… » 3/20/14 1:33am 3/20/14 1:33am

I didn't have any interest in owning a manual car until the only car I had access to was a hand me down with a manual. Since then I've had no interest in owning an automatic. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that you might not realize how much you'd actually like to have a manual DD until you've lived with it. » 3/13/14 6:34pm 3/13/14 6:34pm

Why do so Many People Say the FR-S/BRZ Needs More Power?

Almost as common as articles on the Toyabaru FR-SGT86BRZ, are people complaining about how the Toyobaru doesn't have enough power. In contrast to this we have the Fiat 500 Abarth and Fiesta ST: similarly spec'd cars that also receive positive critical response and often come up in conversations among enthusiasts, yet… » 3/09/14 3:07pm 3/09/14 3:07pm

I have a pair of Clark's "driving" shoes that look similar to those, very thin sole with little individual rubber nubs. They're actually sort of uncomfortable to drive in, using the pedals drives the little nubs into the bottom of my foot, they look cool though. » 3/08/14 10:37am 3/08/14 10:37am

I was going to say that if you have your cell phone with you and on all the time (like almost everyone), your location can easily be tracked anyway. But with your phone you can turn it off, can't turn off your license plate. I guess if you want to go somewhere discreetly you're going to have to catch the bus. » 3/05/14 7:53pm 3/05/14 7:53pm